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Post Natal Care

Cradle Care provides best post delivery treatments for the mother and child. We know the importance of first few months after child birth. Cradle Care assures that with special care, treatments and medicines, we can easily recover back The mental and physical strength of the Mother. Post Natal care mainly aim to prevent the complaints during post natal period such as UTI, Backache, Loss of appetite, Thirst, Anxiety, Anger, Disturbed sleep, Depression, etc

The Ayurvedic Procedures

  • Abyangam (Oil Massage)
  • Vethu Kuli (Medicated Snanam)
  • Abdominal Binding (Veshtanam)
  • Shiro Abyangam (Head Oil Massage)
  • Lepanam (Anti Stretch Mark Treatments)
  • Yoga
  • Avagaham / Yoni Kshalanam (Medicated Sitz Bath)
  • Beauty Care (Cosmetic Care)

Package 1

14 Days
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Package 2

21 Days
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Package 3

30 Days
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Package 4

40 Days
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